We know that visiting a new church can be intimidating and cause anxiety. It is our goal to help make your first visit go as smooth as possible. Check out these FAQs to help you prepare for your visit.

You can expect our service to last anywhere from 65-75 minutes. Our time is filled with Spirit-filled worship, as well as a biblically grounded message. You can also expect to feel welcome and seen by those in our church.

Our service starts at 9:30AM. if you have children to check-in, we would recommend arriving 15 minutes before service to save yourself from stress.

We don’t have anything that resembles dress code at Crystal Valley. We strive to maintain a casual atmosphere where people feel comfortable to wear what they deem as their “Sunday Best”. Some people wear button-up shirts and jeans, others wear shorts and a shirt. No matter how you come, expect to feel at home.

We have parking spots designated for you. These spots are labeled “Guest Parking”. They are located right outside of our main entrance.

We value safety, security, and cleanliness for our children. That’s why we have a vibrant children’s ministry that serves all ages on Sunday. This is what we offer for different ages while maintaining a multi-generational style of worship at Crystal Valley:

Infant – Kindergarten: We offer class for the entire duration of our service for the youngest of our little ones.

1st– 5thGrade: We ask our older ones to stay with their parents in sanctuary for the first half of service. After worship, elementary students are prayed for and dismissed to go to class.

6th– 12thGrade: Our middle and high school students are encouraged to join the adults for the entire service.

We would also recommend arriving about 15 minutes early in order to complete our check-in process for your children. We want your children to feel safe and valued at Crystal Valley.

Our congregation at Crystal Valley is an inter-generational congregation, and our worship reflects that. We try not to get too hung up on song choice and personal style. We simply view Sunday worship as an opportunity to corporately praise the God who is worthy of our praise. 

One thing that differentiates Crystal Valley from most other churches is the fact that there is no official membership. That’s right! No membership classes, no initiations, no hoops to jump through. If you consider Crystal Valley your home church, then we consider you a part of the family!